Greetings! Welcome to my site. Well, to be brief and direct, we built this site as a part of our long-term plan to have a family business that we can cherish and with the simple goal of having the funds to enhance our lifestyles. Since I have a full-time occupation already, I might as well do something that I enjoy and adore on the side and make a profit out of it, which is playing the guitar and also selling them. This site will be mainly about, as the title says, "Edgemire Guitars," which will be made-to-order guitars, customized guitars, and hand-made guitars. It will be great to have an Edgemire guitar someday, as the name sounds ideal for a quality branded guitar, but perhaps we could make it happen depending on how this project progresses on online sales and reviews.

I currently have an excellent contact and cordial agreement with a guitar factory dealer in China in which we can collaborate to built guitars according to customer's design and requirements. However, customized guitars have been more desired and successful on sales - based on our records, and that is due to most customer's decision in not wanting to pay too much nor to have a long waiting period to order and receive their dream guitars. Made-to-order guitars could take about a month to finish and deliver, since the building process starts from scratch (bare wood), while customized guitars are more than halfway done, and in fact, some are almost finished to be sold in "as-is" condition. What is usually missing on most of our guitar stock is to brand the headstock with a logo design, which now is one of our factory custom shop's main featured services that you are welcomed to order in your requirements.


We are quite aware of several guitar manufacturers that are currently online to sell directly to buyers worldwide at wholesale guitar prices. With this awareness, you may then ask in why would you buy guitars from me, "Edgemire Guitars," instead of buying guitars directly to these factories, which will cost you less. The answer is easy, because you are buying from me as a "retail" seller, while if you buy your guitar directly from these manufacturers, you will be dealing with a wholesale dealer. Yes, what you get will be a wholesale guitar, but from me you will get a retail guitar. What is the difference? Well, you can check with your local retail guitar stores, such as 'Guitar Center' in USA. You will see that in every large retail guitar shop, they have their own repair/custom shop arranged inside within the store with luthiers and technicians who are quite professional in their field. They are not specifically hired there to fixed guitars for the local folks in the city, but instead, they are hired to check every batch of guitars coming from their wholesale companies, which would usually keep them busy and be considered a routine day work. Yes, their prioritized job would be to transform wholesale guitars into retail guitars, and they are paid well for it.

What do these luthiers and technicians do to transform these guitars? First, they will check each guitar's playability condition. They will first tune the guitar strings to the right key, and from then, they will figure what needs to be done for the guitar to be in top playability condition for even for the professional player. This procedure is called guitar alignment. They might need to change the nut on the neck to have the correct separation between the strings, or whether is has been filed too low to cause string buzzing. And of course, the bridge, such as the Tune-O-Mattic, is quite convenient to make adjustments, as for instance, to set a low string action without any string buzzing. The Tune-O-Mattic is also used to adjust each string's scale length in order to obtain and maintain the correct key on each fret level and stay-in-tune in all areas of the fingerboard. And if all things fail and the guitar still have a high-string action due to the prevention of string buzzing, it will be necessary for the luthier/technician to adjust the truss rod, which is a delicate job meant for the professional.

Next, they will need to do the sound check and make sure all the electronics are functional. They will check for defective parts and to be sure that they are durable, as the procedure is cost effective than having a customer come back and complain and question on the guitar's quality and the reputation of the store. The height of the pick-ups will often need to be adjusted to obtain the correct angle and level between the pickup's surface and guitar strings, because most factory workers will just install the pickups and that's it! Depending on the make and type of pickups, the technical adjustments could vary. For the best pickup electrical output, generally, the pickups need to be close enough with the guitar strings to get a good output, but not so close as to choke with the strings. Most experienced guitar players prefer to have one side of the pickup slightly backed away from the heavy (nickel wound) gauge strings and the other side (or half) of the pickup moved closer to the lighter gauge strings in order to have an even balanced output - since heavy gauge strings tend to produce a louder vibration noise than lighter gauge strings. This is usually done by the technicians adjusting some screws around the pickups and/or on top with some single coil pickups.

When all the guitar's technical issues and procedures and the playability alignment have be achieved, the luthier will finalized the transformation by improving the guitar's esthetic condition. The first step would be to clean up the guitar. The fingerboard area will be inspected for any clinging sanded (powdered) wood and metallic particles out from fret filings, which are quite notorious with wholesale guitars. Also, the fretboard inlay markers are noted to have the tendency to pop up from their slotted positions, due to misplaced or lack of adhesives. They will check for lackluster or dull areas on the guitar's finish, which are also notorious on wholesale guitars. Fortunately, most large guitar retail stores have the precision tools and the buffing equipment available at their own repair/custom shop to make the guitar's esthetic restorations possible and done promptly. Finally, they will apply guitar polish, and from then, when the procedures are over, they will proudly display a brand new-top quality retail guitar up for sale at their store for the lucky buyer.

As a retail guitar seller, I trust my factory guitar dealer to fulfill all those procedures and requirements mentioned above before shipping the ordered guitars to my customers. Why would he do all these for me? Frankly, for many reasons, but I will mention the 3 most important ones. First, they have to do it. My dealer works for a guitar factory that has a quality control department with very strict inspectors. Second, the factory has company motto in which every employee and worker has pledged to honor and abide, and the motto is: "To have the sincere intentions to provide quality guitars to all guitar instrument enthusiasts (customers) at a reasonable price." And third, it is because we need each other. He needs and appreciates all the batch of guitar orders he got from me for over a year now, with almost a 100% successful rate with the transactions. And I need him, because he is the best guitar dealer to date, as I have learned a lot about the business from him, for he is not only a dealer, but also a luthier and a guitar player. We have something in common with our wives: they are both good interpreters. My wife can speak good Cantonese and his wife can speak good English. But when it comes to guitars, we think alike to have so much in common with values and priorities. And in fact, we made our own motto (our first priority), which is to provide 'Quality' guitars to anyone around the globe longing for the instrument. Thereby, if you appreciate our values and priorities, you are one of us. We can remember our first guitar, our first quality guitar and our first Gibson guitar. They are all fun and memorable moments, and likewise, we would like to work on you having those moments and passion with our guitars. Thank you for your interest and have a nice day!

Best regards,